Harvest Moon

Had a chance celebrating birthday of my mate, Nathania.
The ranch, the waterfall, the forest, the mountain. All of them remind me of Harvest Moon.
Have you played the game as well? ;)


fika farikha said...

Never play it, but the photos very convincingly beautiful. where is it exactly??? *curious :D

Anonymous said...

What camera do you use, sir?

Jatidiri Putro said...

Thank you very much. In my friend's ranch, not so far from Cibodas Botanical Garden.

I use dslr only.

Make it Easy said...

wow these are such nice photos! and i love the little touch of japanese type on top! especially the last photo with the light....i love it!

and by the way, you have the BEST hiking outfit i have ever seen!!

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

your photos are gorgeous.

Jatidiri Putro said...

Make It Easy : hello aron, thanks for the compliment! when i took the picts, all of a sudden they all reminded me of akira kosemura and haruka nakamura's songs.

cinta/sepi/layu : thanks a lot :)