Realizing Your Travel Dreams

Writings by Eve Pearce


Perhaps you are considering travelling and perhaps you have been doing so for months, years even. You may even think that your travelling days are over and that you are restricted to viewing the world through your dreams rather than in reality, however that isn’t necessarily so if you take what is known as a travel sabbatical.

travel sabbatical or a year out is becoming increasingly popular in later life, meaning that people who once thought that a settled job and family life meant their travel options were limited, could now consider a career break to take the trip of a lifetime with their loved ones.
More and more employers are considering this flexibility as they recognize it as an opportunity for their employee to gain skills from around the world and also share their skills with other company divisions or branches. A sabbatical is no longer viewed as a youthful domain and countless professionals are taking the opportunity to see the world using a career break or temporary transfer to an overseas office.

Should you yearn to travel yet have never realized it was possible or known about the option of a sabbatical then now is your chance to investigate and get up to speed on what’s involved and how to go about making travel plans. Whether you want to go on an extended island cruise or a full trip around the world the advice in this article is intended to help you make the best decision for you and your family and your employer.

The first step
When you have decided with your family and loved ones that taking a travel sabbatical is something that you want to pursue the first stage is to get the support of your employer. Whilst the principal of a sabbatical is regarded as much more acceptable these days they still take a great deal of planning from an employer and individual perspective so the sooner you get their support the better.

Whether or not your employer has existing procedures in place for requesting a sabbatical or not it is still worth exploring the possibility of working with them to achieve this as it will be easier for you to return to a job upon completion of your travel plans than not. Even if your contract makes no mention of sabbaticals it does not mean the end of the road and you may be surprised by how flexible and open your employer may be to the idea.

Obviously ahead of speaking to your employer it is a good idea about how soon you want to get your trip in place so that you can both work to a specific timescale.
Aside from your employer you also need to gain the support of your extended family. The chances are that you will miss several family events in the time that you are away so it is a good idea to inform them as soon as practicable so they get used to the idea of you being away for a long period of time. Try to think of it from their position and address any concerns they may have by reassuring them it is the right decision for you and not a permanent one.

Making travel plans
If this is the first time that you have travelled or the first time in a long time it is good to set yourself an itinerary even if it is quite informal at this stage. This way you have a benchmark of where you want to start and finish and you can also use it as an opportunity to refresh your mind about what is involved in an extended trip or start your research around it.

With the luxury of the internet it has never been easier to research locations, accommodation and transport between locations. It is also possible to get great deals online for tickets and places to stay as well as a whole host of travel advice and blogs available for any destination around the world.

Take precautions
Just as you would any holiday, remember to take out insurance to cover your full trip, including all members of your party. It is also advisable to take with you addresses and information about hospitals and embassies should you run into trouble overseas.

The perception is that travel is an expensive activity and you will need enough in the bank to cover all eventualities abroad. However, travel doesn’t have to be extortionate and you can be thrifty by staying in more modest accommodation and by doing your research up front as to the most affordable eating establishments and tour guides. You don’t really want to return home to an empty bank account or worse in debt so as long as you take adequate measures to fund your trip you won’t go far wrong.  

Whatever the circumstances of your trip, planning a sabbatical and ultimately travelling one is a truly memorable experience. A little extra preparation initially will ensure you really do have the trip of a lifetime. 



Liz said...

I had never heard of the term "travel sabbatical" before, but great idea! Like a gap year for adults!

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