September 2011
ผมคิดถึงคุณ, Thailand.


Astrid Prasetianti said...

halo ono!

Jatidiri/Ono said...

aloha astrid, i went with your office mate yes? :p

Taradise said...

wow, i like your blog and these pictures are awesome! did you stay in lub-d siam? that's one great hostel.

Jatidiri/Ono said...

thank you. yes i stayed at lub-d siam, it's one of the best deal to stay :-)

Make it Easy said...

wow wow wow!!! beautiful photos!!!!
looks like you had such a good time!
i want to go to Thailand one day still! my parents went without me one vacation, haha so i still need to visit since my dad is from Laos next door! haha
i love all the buddhist structures! i had to study a lot of those images in my art history classes! its so great to see them up close through your beautiful pictures :-)

lyra said...

awesome pictures! now you make me miss thailand and travelling :)

Jatidiri/Ono said...

Aron : Thank you! I'm so flattered. It was a very splendid trip. I love all the buddhist structures as well. I love thailand, the culture, beaches, clothes, the movies, everything :-)

Wish you could visit Indonesia as well, Aron!

Lyra : Thank you! I miss Thailand too :-)