it's enough, you decide.

denial definition
de·nial (dē nī′əl, di-)
1. The act of denying; a saying “no” (to a request, demand, etc.)
2. A statement in opposition to another; contradiction the denial of a rumor
3. The act of disowning; repudiation the denial of one's family
4. A refusal to believe or accept (a doctrine, etc.)
5. An unconscious thought process whereby one allays anxiety 
    by refusing to acknowledge he existence of certain unpleasant
    aspects of external reality or of one's thoughts, feelings, etc.: now often in the phrase in denial
6. Self-denial
7. The opposing by a defendant of a claim or charge against him or her


    theasophy said...

    the expressions in the photographs looks so honest!(emg candid y?) btw,what do u mean by "it's enough,you decide"? :P

    Rega Ayundya Putri said...

    ineeeeeeeees. rambutnya ky gak panjang panjang deh

    ONO said...

    candid, except the suicide one :p
    well basically i just want to share how tired a condition for some people of being labelled from other people. well, like i care hahaha

    Anonymous said...

    Onooo sedihhhh---!
    paling sedih yg foto lo sendiri, abisnya ketawanya honest gitu tapi in denial :(((

    heartbreakingly awesome series!
    oh iya, ini aristy.

    Jatidiri Wicaksono said...

    Aty, terima kasih :)